Hi! Hello! Bonjour!

I’m glad you stopped by to learn a little bit more about me. I’m just a girl looking to start my career in a place where I can grow and learn. I love to work with children, I love education, and I love the community environment schools have.I want to work for a school that I believe in, and to use my creativity and energy to drive fundraising and admissions. I’m really just looking for a work home, to love and grow and become a part of it’s community. To see my resume, click here. But before you do that, check out some of my story below!

Why French?

My whole life I have thrived on that developed and utilized my creativity. My grandmother, a native Ecuadorian, instilled a love of language in me, so I always loved learning languages and had a great knack for it. I had difficulty deciding a career while I was in college and after a trip to Paris, realized how much I loved the language and I wanted to really dive into my study of French. After graduating, I chose to pursue a future in education teaching French. I found a job at Holy Child Academy as a part-time French teacher.

French Teacher. Esthetician. Marketing Director. That’s a lot of hats!

I never like to turn down an opportunity to learn and try something new. Some might describe me as an “over-achiever” but I like to think of learning as an adventure, and I’m an adventurer! I’m the first to whip out my phone to Google something, teach myself by watching YouTube videos, or asking someone to let me watch them complete a task. I love thinking outside of the box to find new ways to¬†exercise my creativity.

“I am known for my clever photography and videos, engaging events, extraordinary organizational skills, and bubbly personality.”

When I was presented the opportunity to go to Jean Madeline Aveda Institute during my summer break to become a licensed esthetician, I was thrilled to use my free time to acquire a new skill. My “go-getter” attitude and unique set of skills was quickly recognized at Holy Child Academy, and they promoted me to Director of External Relations.¬† I am known for my clever photography and videos, engaging events, extraordinary organizational skills, and bubbly personality. The Marketing Committee wanted someone to bring life into their new branding and a fun, fresh look into the Admissions, Marketing, and Fundraising process.

Yes, yes, I’m awesome. But I have flaws just like everybody else!

I’m a perfectionist. I know, that’s such a typical flaw. But it’s true! I strive to perfection and will work until I feel my projects are perfect, but that runs the risk of burning me out. I have to be careful to keep some time for relaxing with a book, having a dance party, or just taking a nap when I come home from work.

“I’m excited, I’m energized, and I’m chock-full of ideas”

I know some people think I lack the years of experience necessary to be ready for some jobs, but let me say this in my defense, as well as the defense of all those beginners out there: I’m ready. I’m excited, I’m energized, I’m chock-full of ideas, and I want this. I want a fulfilling career and to take pride in my work. What I don’t know, I will learn. A year ago, I didn’t know how to use any of the AdobeSuite. I watched YouTube videos at home, read articles, asked friends and professionals, and now I’m able to turn out beautiful products (click here to see some). If you put your trust in me, I guarantee I will exceed your expectations, and remain positive the whole time.