Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

While my strengths lie in baking, I enjoy cooking, especially when my husband is leading the charge. The man really has a gift and a passion so we have been catering our own events and others since we’ve met. Of course, running your own events as well as catering them can be a challenge, but one you can overcome with time management and hard work!

There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

As I mentioned in my Mission Impossible: Involving Busy Parents post, enthusiasm and excitement for an event has always supplied me with many willing hands to help with my events. Because cooking and baking are such a big task, people have a tendency to want to help in the kitchen. One of the biggest things I’ve learned by planning my own events with volunteers is how to delegate jobs. Before each event I make a list of tasks I will need completed so I have a constant stream of activity. Being organized with a most-least important list helps keep myself and my helping hands on task, which brings us to…

You Can Never Be Too Organized

As soon as you start to plan your event, open a spreadsheet and folder. When you know you will be cooking and baking and managing and decorating at the same time, having your plans and documents in one place will be a lifesaver. I like GoogleDrive so I have access from everywhere and I can share with my friends and family. I keep a budget spreadsheet, grocery list, invite list, server/bartender receipts, event timeline, and a running to-do list broken down by time frame and order of importance. It is also super helpful to refer to past events. Taking notes at the end of your event will save you a headache at your next event, especially if you have annual celebrations. How many people did you have? Did you have too many servers? Did it start too late? Too much food? Not enough wine? Reserve 20 minutes the next day to record your thoughts.

Know When To Ask For Help

Catering your own events also means heating and serving your own food. Which also means being dividing your time with actually managing event. Which also means never enjoying a second of the party. Invest in servers who can help you; they are worth every penny. Ask volunteers to work part of the event if you need them too. There comes a time when you are doing more harm than good trying to do everything by yourself.

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