A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


Choosing a Theme

Making a birthday party a surprise always adds an extra layer of excitement, but having a good theme is icing on the cake! Secrets and 25th birthdays screamed for a good old fashioned 1920s speakeasy, and so Amy’s Roaring 25th Surprise Speakeasy was born. We chose a black and gold theme with lots of feathers, sparkles, and Edison light bulbs. speakeasy-flowers

Shh! You’re invited

For the invitations, I wanted to create something that would kick of the “branding” of the event. Of course something with an Art Deco feel and with all of the relevant information for the soiree. I designed the invitations and had them printed on a matte card stock to compliment the metallic envelopes they were placed in.

Branding the Event

screenshot_20161016-183427I based all of my designs from original invitation I created. With the help of my husband and brother in law I created a paper Moon style photo booth, so I knew people would be taking and sharing photos of the event. I posted a sign indoors directing party goers to take their pictures and tag them with #AmysRoaring25th. To help the flow with the party, we set up the paper moon on the back patio and lit the fire pit. We had a s’mores bar with all the fixings for a perfect marshmallow roasting experience. I also created a Snapchat GeoFilter which was a HUGE hit. Knowing your audience makes a big difference in your branding. Do you have a ton of Twitter users? Use a projector to run a feed of tweets using your hashtag. Spreading word of your event will ensure people are dying to come to your next one!

The Birthday Girl sitting on her paper moon

The Password is Hooch

Of course for a 1920s themed event we had to have drinks worth of breaking prohibition laws! You can see the bar menu below, which I printed on a 24″ x 36″ poster for under $5 as an engineering print from Staples. We wanted the drinks to be representative of the birthday girl as well as the era. I always thought that “signature drinks” with names could be cheesy, but every event I have them, I find people living and using the names! It’s a great way to “brand” your events. Create a drink people love and always serve it. At my wedding our “Mrs” was a pineapple margarita. Now we serve it at every event we have and people look for them.


The Food

We chose to make hors d’ouevres  that we knew the birthday girl would love. We made spinach balls, tiny baked potatoes, wedge salad bites, mini tacos, and caprese bites. For dessert we served cheesecake bites, warm chocolate chip cookies, and bite-sized pecan pies. We packaged up birthday cake as a “party favor” by the door. Cake flavors included Roaring Red Velvet, Charleston Chocolate, and Vaudeville Vanilla.

Amy's Birthday Cake.jpg

Using Engineer Prints

As I mentioned for the bar sign, I printed a ton of quotes, photos, and menus that I designed to post around the house for a little extra pizzaz. I created all of my printables with Adobe InDesign and had them externally printed. I ordered engineering prints in various sizes from Staples, the most costing no more than $8. The key to the prints looking great is making sure you’ve saved them as high quality PDFs.

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