7 Keys to Glowing Skin

As an esthetician, my job is to help clients put their best face forward. Of course, it varies from client to client, but the below tips apply to just about everyone! While facials help you feel relaxed and refreshed, glowing skin really comes from home maintenance.

“Moisturize me!” (Whovians unite!)

Think about what happens to things when you leave them exposed to the air. Last night’s leftover pizza, an open can of paint, the dirt in your house plants; they dry out. Your face is no different! Now think of how easily dried out items crumble, flake, and crack. When your skin is dehydrated, your skin can flake and crack, too. I’m not just talking about temporary dryness effects, I’m talking about wrinkles, too! Dryer skin is more prone to wrinkles. If your skin is extra dry, invest in a good, rich night cream. Why night cream? Night creams can be costly, but are usually rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, and highly concentrated. They provide essential nutrients to your skin while it repairs and rests while you sleep. 

The Eyes Have It

Speaking of dehydration, eyes are in a category all their own. Do you know anyone who actually drinks water as much as they should? Or gets their full eight hours of sleep? I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I fall behind on both. The skin around your eyes is particularly thin and fragile so it shows the lack of sleep and dehydration first, and it shows it with big dark circles. In addition to dark circles, the paper-thin skin around your eyes shows wrinkles early. Eye cream can combat all of these problems, but look for an eye cream that addresses your main concerns. Look for a thick eye cream that doesn’t run in your eyes and is rich in anti-oxidants 

You spent your pay check on a good eye cream, but the product is only half the battle. Get bang for your buck and learn how to apply your eye cream. Using your ring or pinkie fingers(your weakest fingers so they don’t pull your skin by accident) dab a small amount from the outer corner of your eye into the inner corner and up and around, dabbing just under your eyebrow. The path should follow the bones around your eye area. Blinking your eyes will actually pull the product closer to the skin under your eyes. People always want to put it right onto their eyelid and below their lashes, but that just ends up getting product into your eyes and burning. Make sure you don’t rub from the inside corner out. That pulls and stretches your skin and nature does enough of that. If you’re a visual person, check out this video on how to apply eye cream.

Serums: Not Just for Sci-Fi Films

I always say serums are the medicine for your face. It’s the most important part of your skincare routine! It’s always a good idea to have your esthetician help you find the best serum and products for your skin if you’re unsure of what you need.  You can use a serum twice a day, depending on the serum, or 2 different serums for morning and night. Since we know our skin needs all of the vitamins and nutrients it can get at night, make sure you apply a serum before bed. Apply your serum after washing and toning your face (and neck!) and wait about 30 seconds before putting on your moisturizer. Moisturizer seals the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out.

Vampires are Onto Something

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Aside from aging, the number one cause of wrinkles is the sun. Protect your face. Wear sunscreen. I advise not wearing it at night to let your skin breathe. I have had many clients who are worried about using a moisturizer during the day because they have oily skin, but don’t fret! You can find an oil-control mattifying moisturizer or use a foundation or BB cream that has sunscreen.

Uh, oh. Breakouts.

Think about how exposed to everything your face is. Sun. Wind. Your car air vents blasting at your face. It’s natural that any problems in your body show up on your face. For example, the jawline is common for hormonal breakouts, and your forehead shows a lack of detoxification. Check out face mapping to see if you can make sense of the breakouts. You can get a spot treatment and apply it where needed under your moisturizer, or an acne serum to target your full face. Reach out to your esthetician because acne is a long and individualized problem and solving your breakout problems alone can be frustrating. 

So Many Cleansers, How to Choose?

Really I don’t think your cleanser is the be all end all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important, but it really doesn’t stay on your skin too long to make any huge changes. As long as your cleanser is pH balanced, you don’t need a $100 bottle of cleanser. I love a gel cleanser because it gives most people the foaming sensation they expect in a soap. If you feel like your skin is begging for hydration, try a cream cleanser. Make sure you cleanse your face for a good minute and manipulate your skin. Number one, it breaks all of the oil and makeup down. Number two, it is good to get the blood flowing and stimulate your facial muscles. If you wear a lot of make-up or suffer from a lot of blackheads, I recommend a Clarisonic. It’s a little bit of an investment, but it makes a big difference.

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