🐝 Is Your Event Buzz Worthy?

Event buzz is such an interesting and important part of any event coordinating experience. It can be started by a beautiful invitation, previous events from the host, or the excitement about a cause or a theme. Enough positive buzz boosts not only attendance, but pre-event involvement. Everyone wants to be involved in THE event of the year!

The Importance of a Great Invitation

I think the invitation is one of the most important components of marketing your event. It’s the first taste of the incredible event you will be hosting. Did you take time to design a luxurious invite on fine paper stock? Is it a hand-written card? Is it a fun, backyard shindig? A fancy masquerade? A fundraiser? No matter the style of the design, I always make sure it is well designed. I want my invitees to be excited and know it is up to my usual caliber of events. I want them to grab their phone and RSVP the second they see it so they don’t miss out on this event.


An invitation I designed for a “Surprise Speakeasy”


The back of the “Surprise Speakeasy” invitation I designed

Marketing the Event on Social Media

Building buzz on social media platforms is very important, especially for fundraising events. New developments, exciting new additions or activities, and reminders of the benefits of fundraising are great ways to keep the conversation going and ensure your guests don’t find other plans on the night of the event.

Wedding SM.png

Creating an event hashtag and making your handle available is important to spread the word about your event and build followers

It’s also important to make a bang on social media platforms the day of of your event. You want your guests to share photos of the event so people who missed out this event will want to join in next time! In addition to create event hashtags, you can go the extra mile to create a Snapchat GeoFilter. Below is a photo of a GeoFilter I designed for the surprise speakeasy I organized. It was a huge hit! I knew the attendees were big “snappers” and would have their phones in hand all night.