Video Projects

Creating videos is such a useful tool in marketing schools because it gives a fantastic look into the lives of students in their school environment in a controlled, creative way. Below are some samples of videos that I’ve created that were big successes.

Marketing Events

This was one of my favorite projects with the kids. As the producer for the school show and Director of Marketing, I wanted to let the kids showcase their creativity and excitement for the show in one short video. I presented the kids with an idea and let them harmonize and choreograph the song during lunch breaks for a Valentine’s Day “Dedicate a Song” contest. The contest ran on Facebook with the instructions to tag someone you love in the comments to be entered into a drawing for front row tickets to the show. Each person tagged counts as an entry. I carefully selected students who weren’t the leads to show the ample talent of our cast chose students from different grades to attract more parents to watch and share. The response was overwhelming with 5.1k views just of Facebook!¬†For more about building excitement for events, visit this post.

Involving Parents the Easy Way

Getting parents to come in to the school can always be a challenge. Between work and home responsibilities, taking time out of busy schedules to visit the classroom or attend planning meetings can be a challenge, and often parents felt they had to pick and choose between events. Usually the “fun events” were chosen over information sessions. So I created this video so that parents could hear more about the show and not worry about taking a morning off or getting home late to be involved in the program.

Celebrating Community
Videos are a great way to make families feel like they are part of the community of your school or organization. Watching the “Happy New Year!” video always gives me chills and makes me smile. Parents, faculty, staff, and students were thrilled to see students and staff celebrating together. These little touches are a good reminder that a private or independent education isn’t just different because of the classroom, but because of the community our schools celebrate.

Below is a video celebrating some of our faculty and staff on their milestone anniversaries. The video was not only a kind gesture to the staff, but it demonstrated how much we value our teachers and administrators to parents, and that the staff is dedicated to the students and school community.

Making Easy Videos Marketing Material

This is a video that highlights the excellent music program at a hand bell performance where there were no parents highlighting no particular child’s face. Why? So parents that weren’t at the event would still hear their child perform, but a prospective family could visualize their child holding the hand bells.

Into the Classroom
I was working at my desk when the Pre-K assistant teacher knocked on my door. Out of breath with excitement she asked, “Do you have a minute?” I followed her down to the classroom as she explained that one of the Pre-K students had just counted to 1,000 with his Montessori 10 chain. What an accomplishment! The video was a quick, easy way to show how much our students learn and that we celebrate victories as a community. For more videos showcasing the classroom, click here.

Below is a video that I put together for the First Grade students. They worked so hard writing their speeches and I was so excited to record them and make them look larger than life. It was simple to make, and their conviction and hard work wouldn’t have been expressed in the same way through a photograph.